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June 5th, 6th, 7th 2018
at Paris Event Center


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The personality of the year 2017-2018 unveiled at the BtoB Habitat show ?

Photo Personnalité


The BtoB Habitat trade fair will reward the personality of the year at its first edition in June in Paris La Villette. Man or woman, distributor or supplier… the bets are launched.

All sectors are honouring the personality of the year… except for home improvement. RBJ magazine and the BtoB Habitat show launch the election of the man or woman of the year. The principle consists in making RBJ readers (or even readers of partner magazines) vote in order to draw up a close list of great personalities who have made their mark in the last 12 months. Thus, the personality of the year 2018 will be chosen on its activities between May 2017 and May 2018. A jury composed of economic journalists from the pro press, but also TV, radio, print and web will meet to elect the person who has moved the market. This election will also make it possible to publicise the exhibition and our sector.

Brico d' or: top buyers at the BtoB Habitat trade fair

Photo Brico d'Or Présentation


The Brico d' Or competition, created at the initiative of RBJ a few years ago, is being relaunched and will take place during the BtoB Habitat trade fair. It consists in bringing together the purchasing managers of all the GSB, GSA, e-commerce and trading brands and to submit to them the candidate products in different fields (domotics, innovation facilitating do-it-yourself, ecology, decoration etc.). The participants do not lead large ones in general when they find themselves in front of a bunch of purchasing managers from Castorama, Briconautes, Mr. Bricolage, Bricomarché, Brico Leclerc, Brico Pro, Adéo, Bigmat, Gedimat, Tout Faire Carrefour, Auchan, Super U, to which will be added this year the big e-commerce houses (ManoMano, Amazon etc.). The jury and their teams will have free time at the BtoB Habitat trade fair before receiving the candidates for the Brico d' Or during the famous brico dating…

The Institut du commerce, a partner of BtoB Habitat

Image pour Institut Commerce


The mind is the same! The Institut du Commerce brings manufacturers and distributors together in order to meet consumers' expectations. Sharing the same values as BtoB habitat, it joins our show as a partner… bringing to visitors its expertise, particularly on the future of the trade. A partner that is well known to DIY distributors.

Among the IDC's members in France, there are about thirty distributors and a hundred industrialists in all sectors. In the universe we are interested in, that of DIY, we find the main actors such as Adeo, Mr. Bricolage, Castorama, Bricomarché and many GSA. On the manufacturers' side, Unibal is a member to represent the manufacturers of the sector. But what is the Trade Institute for?
To understand it, you have to trace its history. The IDC was born in January 2017 from the gathering of ECR, IFM and IDL. With that, you don't know much more! In fact, it all began in the United States in the late 1980s when powerful distributor Walmart and equally powerful Procter & Gamble had "terrible" relationships. The bosses of both companies decide to create a new relationship between the two players. A P&G employee is seconded to Walmart to better understand them. This concept of collaboration between manufacturer and distributor will take shape under the name of an ECR association (Efficient Consumer Response). This new way of working will take you to France, where other trade-related associations such as the French Institute of Self-Service or the Institut Français du Merchandising and its famous Gold Meters awards exist. All of them bring together manufacturers and distributors, hence the idea of bringing them together under the common name of Institut du Commerce. This IDC has judged that BtoB Habitat's approach is in line with its own and will therefore allow us to benefit from its presence, its numerous studies and publications on tomorrow's trade, the place of logistics and of course digital. Prospective reflections that give even more depth to this DIY retail show!

The work of the IDC in our sector:

  • Handbook of good practices for lifecycle management for the DIY sector
  • Shared indicators good practice manual
  • Handbook of good practices for managing lots in the DIY sector
  • Practical fact sheet : Harmonised logistics data for the DIY sector
  • Consumption barometer: This monthly business cycle indicator provides the evolution of sales through all distribution channels in 4 consumption universes: food, fashion & cosmetics, home and leisure (do-it-yourself). It makes it possible to track household arbitrations over the months and cumulatively to date.

Some examples of CDI members

A trade show more design !

Institut du Design


The French Institute of Design celebrates for its Janus joins BtoB Habitat as a partner. It is recalled that during this show to be held on June 5, 6 and 7 at La Villette, a space will be dedicated to the store of the future (the store of my dreams). A project that has attracted many partners like CMEM and now the French Institute of Design.

The world changes as much as it is better and more beautiful. The French Institute of Design chaired by Anne-Marie Sergueil works in this direction. She is also the one who will give an overview of design in the world just before the presentation of the Brico d'Or that will take place during the BtoB Habitat show. In addition, the president of the IFD will be the godmother of the "Store of my dreams", which will propose a prospective area on the stores of the future in the brico sector. We also remember that the French Institute of Design organizes the Janus, recently awarded the V33 corner BHV Marais
The Nude agency has developed for V33 a practical but very original "shop in shop" plunging the customer into a world of materials, colors and textures. This dedicated department, the agency has also called it Hypnotik. It consists of a sales area, decoration consulting workshop, tinting machine to create its custom colors … Tested by the criteria of the "5 E" (Economy / Ergonomics / Aesthetics / Ethics / Emotion) of the JANUS jury, the HYPNOTIK project came out first. Nude and the V33 Group have won the Janus Label of the 2017 Brand.

DIY: the global market grew by 3.8%

Image Rapport du Monde


According to Fediyma, the global DIY market reached a staggering € 567 billion in 2016, an increase of almost 4%.

North America and Europe alone represent more than 484 billion euros, or 85% of this global market for home improvement, while the population of these two continents does not represent more than 15% of the population. World. And still Europe is a small market compared to that of North America which alone weighs more than 57% of the world market! Europe is content with 27% of the world market which is already huge. In North America the average annual basket of a handyman is still € 899. In detail we see that only 8 countries in these two continents mobilize 82% of the global DIY market for a turnover of 467 billion dollars. You read correctly: the 4 / 5th of the market are the only USA, Germany, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Australia and Italy. But it's similar in Europe where France, the United Kingdom and Germany account for 53% of the continent's market. In terms of champion brands we know the order:: Home Depot (USA), Lowe (USA), ADEO (France), Kingfisher (UK), Menards (USA), Bunnings Building (Australia), Olivier (Germany) ), Bauhaus (Germany), Sears (USA), Canadian Tire (Canada). Home Depot and Lowe account for 25% of the global market share! The Fediyma Proposes a complete report on the DIY market in the world of over 150 pages that reviews brands and countries …

Bricorama and Bricomarché, signed agreement


The two groups today announced the official signing of their agreement and the financial details of the transaction. The repurchase price values the companies sold at € 385 million with adjustments, repayments, etc. Next step: the agreement of the Directorate of Competition? As agreed French, Spanish and Asian office activities are in the basket, some services but not real estate.

Official text of the press release "A l’issue de la consultation des instances représentatives du personnel, et conformément à l’annonce du 5 juillet 2017, Bricorama SA confirme avoir signé ce jour un contrat engageant portant sur la cession de 100% de Bricorama France SAS, Bricorama Méditerranée SL et Bricorama Asia Ltd à ITM Équipement de la maison.
L’opération reste conditionnée à l’autorisation de l’Autorité de la Concurrence. Bricorama SA et le Groupement Les Mousquetaires anticipent désormais une date de réalisation de l’opération dans le courant du premier trimestre 2018.
La transaction envisagée valorise les sociétés cédées sur la base d’une valeur d’entreprise de 385 M EUR. Les autres éléments de la transaction restent conformes au communiqué du 5 juillet, à savoir :

  • Un périmètre cédé représentant un chiffre d’affaires de l’ordre de 500 M EUR ;
  • En vue de la réalisation de l’opération, i) apport partiel d’actifs par Bricorama SA de son activité de prestation de services supports au profit de Bricorama France et ii) sortie du périmètre cédé des actifs immobiliers actuellement détenus par Bricorama France. Cette réorganisation immobilière prendrait la forme d’une distribution en nature à Bricorama SA ;
  • Prix payé intégralement en numéraire à la date de réalisation ;
  • Ajustement du prix uniquement sur base de la dette nette après validation des comptes de réalisation ;
  • Paiement à Bricorama SA à la date de réalisation d’un prix provisoire sur la base des comptes 2016 déterminé en fonction de la valeur d’entreprise sous déduction des dettes nettes (évaluées à fin décembre 2016 à 221 M EUR, avant normalisation du Besoin en Fonds de Roulement) ;
  • En sus du prix, Bricorama SA percevra à la date de réalisation le solde du compte courant et prêts participatifs avec les entités cédées (montant net de 182 M EUR à fin décembre 2016) ;
  • Maintien de la cotation de Bricorama SA sur Euronext Growth (anciennement Alternext). Bricorama SA poursuivra ses opérations au Benelux sous enseignes Gamma et Karwei (franchise avec le groupe Intergamma)

Bricorama tiendra le marché informé de la réalisation des prochaines étapes (notamment la réception de l’autorisation de l’Autorité de la Concurrence) et de tout fait nouveau significatif. »

Revelations on a show providing a new level of exposure

Plein feu sur Secimpac


This is not just a DIY exhibition but rather, BtoB Habitat has created a high-exposure expo, where stand access is extended 12 months longer with an app dedicated to buyers. Here is what this app will accomplish.

The principle is, to say the least, original. Buyers visiting the show can hold the product in their hands and converse with their suppliers in a friendly atmosphere…fully Parisian and festive. But even when the show ends, they can continue visiting the stands using the Grand Salon app, or on the website of the same name. For example: You are a Leroy-Merlin buyer. You visit a hardware supplier to discuss selected items. He takes you to a corner of the stand to show you a prototype for 2019. With your Grand Salon app, you photograph the product and store it in the supplier's digital booth. You return to the office later to find all your notes and photos as well as the whole supplier range, its tutorials, standards and image galleries. For the supplier it is also a way of keeping in touch with the buyer in a professional and non-intrusive way as can be the case with some social networks.

Eric Brun (Acap): "We are promoting a show we believe in"



Acap is in charge of selling the BtoB habitat fair in France. Its founder and manager, Eric Brun, is ready for direct and open questions … particulary, those from his clients.

Acap is well-known for giving presentations at points of sale: So, what’s the idea in promoting a salon?

It's not as paradoxical as one might think! On the contrary. Our profession is to assist manufacturers in presenting their products and know-how to the general public in stores, via demonstrations, setting up visual/audio screens, etc. Now we tell them: "Let us help you grow and increase your in-store product presence, by offering you a professional trade show exhibition." It's consistent!

Give us a try ! Let us show you how to sell stalls in the BtoB Habitat expo !

Listen, it's easy because we are selling a show we believe in. On a personal level, after 30 years in the profession and a few hundred kilometers traveled throughout the salons … I will tell you that even I, enthusiastically invested in the Ecosystem Agence Plein Phare, which promotes this show and I joined the team who dreamed its creation … We can’t demonstrate any better act of conviction, right ?

What types of hesitations do you encounter in the field ?

Very natural ones: After all, it is a new expo. There are legitimate concerns: ‘Will distributors actually come ?’, ‘My usual buyer is unaware’, ’Which of my competitors have signed-up ?’

And what do you answer ?

First, if the biggest federations in the sector, if the pro magazines have joined the show as partners … it's not a coincidence. The following indicators will come for many reasons: invitations by our partners, round tables, store of the future, Brico d'Or and of course they will be there to look for new products. I remember the first exhibitors at the JDC, a show I had assisted from the beginning. They took a chance and ended up with buyers they never thought they could reach, within the first hour at their booth! With BtoB Habitat the exhibitors will be able to break the glass ceiling with some signs! Moreover, between us, the risk is very low to be the pioneers, because for the price you receive exposure for 12 additional months on the Grand Salon application, which is currently developed with and for buyers.

How many orders have you currently registered ?

Thirty, even though the official marketing has just recently started. Also, in principle I would say that we have about thirty additional agreements, just awaiting return of signature. There you go for France, which Acap handles, but I know that other agreements have been signed with suppliers outside France also—foreign entities who have attracted their local buyers. Paris always makes dreamers … with a notably strong Asian demand, but BtoB Habitat is very careful about these applications.

Brico d'Or: It’s coming again !

Brico d'Or


The Brico d'Or trophies will be awarded during the BtoB Habitat fair in the presence of the jury consisting of the retail buyers.

The Brico d’Or contest will be officially re-launched in a few days. It will identify the best DIY product of 2018, but also the best innovations in areas such as ease-of-use (everything that makes DIY easier), the environment, home automation/wireless objects, decor or even marketing (better sales techniques). These products will be displayed in a dedicated area throughout the show. Any manufacturer can participate in Brico d'Or but a very preferential price is reserved for exhibitors of BtoB Habitat.

Unibal: Full spot lights on DIY

Logo Nuit du Bricolage


Unibal will take it’s guests for a cruise on the Seine on November 16 to present their trophies.

Unibal who is, remember, a partner with BtoB Habitat will embark on a Seine boat tour with it’s members (DIY industries) and distributors, their customers, for a night visit of DIY Paris on November 16. This is the third edition of this festival that will award Innovation, Communication, International Development and RSE among industry members of the organization. Jean-Eric Riche, CEO of Debflex is also president of Unibal.

Secimpac: The « Biennale of Tools » pushes the mark forward.


The motorized tool trade union devoted its second biennial to the importance of the brand in a broader sense while revealing more precise figures of the market

Are brands a growth engine? Secimpac, a partner of BtoB Habitat, asked this question and gathered the market players together for an answer. There were more than 120 participants in the tooling sector present to discuss this matter. It was quickly realized that the answer to this question was ‘yes’ based on the following figures: brand names represent 83% of sales (sell in) Circuit Grande Public and are up 4.3% in value, according to GFK in 2016. Other signs regarding the importance of brands, according to the study: Innovation that is doing well, that drives sales and we know that these are the results of major brands. Innovation represented 126M € in 2016, or 37% of the market (+4 points vs 2013). In addition, the most technical products, battery powered, increased from 35% in 2013, to 44% in 2016. In December it should sell even more battery-powered tools than plugin! Next step for brands : automated tools !

Concerning the Grand Public distribution channels in general, the SECIMPAC and GfK, announced a growth of more than 20 million € from 2013 (325M €) to 2016 (345M €) (sell in).
On the pro side, SECIMPAC announced a strong rebound at the end of 2016 (vs. 2015) to more than 9.9% in the professional markets (sell in). At the end of August 2017, the sales made from the professional and direct distribution to the professional user, always increases by more than 8%, in aggregate and value for the cordless tools (vs 2016). Finally, at the end of 2016, the professional market saw a market shift towards cordless (50.7%) vs. 2015. SECIMPAC and its members were up 5.7% in value at the end of August 2017 (YTD).